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Exhibitions and Events

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The Remix Sessions

​​Open and Live! at Juno Bar as part of StreetFest.


With artists:

Airborne Mark

Ryan MacDonald



Inspired by the Surrealist game ‘Exquisite Corpses’, each artist is given 25 mins on their canvas and then be moved to the next for the next 25 mins... and so on until they eventually end up to finish off their own piece. The result being some incredibly diverse and unlikely collaborations!


Bring, Art, Dance, Go

No Format Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

Irma Pellegrini, Vanesa Longchamp, Shannon Idzikowska, Sisetta Zappone and Amparo Climent welcomed Yeung Sau Lun from Hong Kong and the CAMPOBAG collective from Taiwan with their exhibition "Bring Art Go".





Shipton Street Gallery

Shipton Street Gallery. London, Shoreditch, United Kingdom.

Joint exhibition with Shannon Idzikowska

04.04.2013 to 30.04.2013




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